Sunday, January 12, 2020

Cuda 10.1 and TensorFlow 2.1.0 - Works fine

Many months I had perfectly fine tensorflow-Gpu configured along with anaconda. I had to reinstall my anaconda for some reason and that changed my Python version to 3.7. I made many attempts to install TensorFlow-GPU but all failed. Every time my kernel used to die or restart whenever I tried model training. I was using Keras network and reinstalled that too many times. Well, in the following few paragraphs I will tell what worked and what didn't work for me. I hope it helps you too.

How it finally worked - I have GTX 700M Nvidia card and the latest driver I found online was 425.something. I installed it. Along with it, I installed VS 2017 and VS 2019 along with their builds. When I tried Cuda 10.0 and Cuda10.1 install it used to fail. I even tried to uncheck driver install from the Cuda window and still no success. Then I downloaded the latest Cuda 10.2 and unchecked driver update and that too failed.

Cuda 10.2 requires 441 and higher graphics card drivers. Cuda 10.2 itself has a compatible driver version and so I did an express Cuda 10.2 install. My graphic card was successfully updated and Cuda installed. I tried using this with tf 2.1.0 and tf 2.0.0, it detected GPU but failed in training. Finally, I decided to install Cuda 10.1 again and keeping Cuda 10.2 as it is. This time it was a success. Cuda 10.1 got installed and with tf 2.1.0 I was able to use GPU for training.

NutShell - TF 2.1.0 and Cuda 10.1 works fine. Also, I had python 3.5 and I am sure things will be fine with Python 3.7 too.

What didn't worked -

Cuda 10.0 didn't work for me at all. I reinstalled Anaconda, TF, etc. Built TF from source using Bazel etc, nothing seemed to work. I didn't get to the root cause but I was happy that TF finally worked with Cuda 10.1.

Comment below if you need any further details or share your story.
PS - This is my first technical post. In future I promise to improve the quality and add up links to other sites for further reading.

Friday, October 25, 2019

A letter to 20 year old me

Rainy day, coffee mug and a book, well not exactly, instead of reading, I am writing.

Journey so far

Congratulations on making it this far and I am sure you have experienced many highs and few lows. Build friendships that's gonna last a lifetime and which will be vital in your future endeavors. not sugar coating anything further, last twenty years have been nowhere close to what you will be going through in the next 10 or rather next 5 years.

Mid-life crisis does exist and it can kick in as early as at 23 to as late as 28-29. It can last for a couple of months to a couple of years. Well, I can't say what is exactly going to happen, since it all depends on how you change yourself. But I am going to give some advice on different aspects of life which can make your life easy or at least prepare yourself to face what's gonna come your way.

Dreams - I wish you had dreamt really big because Believe IT that dreams do come true, no matter how small or big. What this implies is that you widen your perspective and start dreaming BIG.
Take Away - DREAM BIG

Health and Sports - Nothing in life is permanent - this is good as well as bad. You have been suffering from minor cold/cough every now and then. Simple solution, start making conscious changes in your lifestyle. You never participated in sports citing health reasons. the truth is sports is the only thing which will make you fit, help you make new friends and give you the power to eat ice-creams whenever and wherever you want.
Take Away - Nothing is permanent and start exercising

Relationships/Friends - You need to make big changes in your attitude and behavior to make lots of friends or continue the way you are and you will end with few but TRUE friends. Some old friends will vanish off and many new friends will join in.
Take Away - Be attentive who you befriend and how you maintain the relationship

Job - I the next decade you will be starting your professional carrier. Don't get carried away by success or bogged down by failures. It may seem daunting and what you learned in college may seem to make no-sense at all. Just stay focus on the initial years. Professional carriers are really long- like 30-40 years so be patient and attentive to the changes happening in and around you. Your job will also lead to your first experience of getting a paycheck. I would recommend you to take classes on finance management or learn it from peers. Remember the golden rule - The early you invest the wealthier you will be.
Take Away - It is just a start, not the end, you can change your carrier as and when you like

Family - As alway they will be your strongest supporter. The family will get extended in the last stage of the coming decade. There will be big dynamic changes coming up, something you might not comprehend at this stage.
Take Away - With time, the bond is just gonna grow stronger

Travel - Let me spill the beans here - you will start moving around the world and you will be visiting Europe, thanks to your cousin for making it happen. Some trips will be with friends in and around India.
Take Away - You will travel the world which will help broaden your perspective

CONCLUSION - Meet you after 10 years, eagerly waiting to hear your experiences from 20-30 !!
Time for my flight to Bombay !!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

A letter from gmail treasure trove - Reply to Roshni's story - 2014

End Goes December - I wrote this post on 1st Jan 2014. In this, I mention a friend I made on 31st Dec 2013. She used to blog too and it is because of this that she shared her life story in 2 posts. Below is the reply/review/feedback I gave to her after reading her story.

Why am I sharing this - It contains many emotions and success moments of my past, particularly IIT.

PS: - I just Love email (Gmail). I randomly keep stumbling on long lost documents.

Here goes the reply -

Part 1

Well, it will take couple of pages for me to write a similar story of mine. Frankly speaking, when I read your story, I was remembering each and every part of my journey. Especially I still remember, I was in my room and saw the IIT Kharagpur result and I stood up and gave a punch in the air and came running to hall and told my mom and called dad immediately. I went again to my room n I was so happy and so happy and happy. I hardly remember such other wining situations in my life. IIT Bombay’s news came in slowly.
I knew I would get thermal, then came to know I got Design, I actually called them and they said
personally that yes, Sandeep is selected for Design. The main Joyous moment was the IIT Kharagpur
Back to Roshni- first thing, I liked the concept of including the time. I could picture everything in front of me. Also, I heard most of this part the very night you wrote it. I am sure that now its easy to understand that Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do. Also how important it is to not loose hope.

Kuch toh log kahenge, log ko kaam hai kehna- go one class, five or zero, people are always gonna say something or other. Want to write lot more, but that will spoil the fun of this post.

Part 2

Three mistakes of your life, nice way to start and set up the stage. I didn’t know how tough the competition you had back then. Trust me, If not completely, I at least understand 80% of your situation about how non-existant you were. All my life I have left many groups and teams with my own personal issues. In the end I found myself all alone every time. You know what, I think I am introvert and also I didn’t stay in hostel back then. So being an extrovert, things were different with you. Hats off and salute to you for going through that phase. I am sure you can always look back at those days to motivate yourself. How Roshni became a ray of hope for herself and how you ended up getting good grades and awesome job.

One lesson I am learning from you is, that we shouldn’t be too attached to anyone of our friends. No
matter how good they are, doooriya bhi hai zaroori.

Depression seriously is the worst phase. One of the ways to get out is talk more and more to as many
people as you can. I too found it tough in my first sem in IIT, but then one sir told – ‘Once in IIT means you are the Best’. Sorry to include my persoanl story and drifting away from your part. You wrote so nicely and touched so many little points that I can directly relate my PG with yours. I am sure many others might connect to it also. Difference lies in the intensity of depression and lonliness one goes through.

Yaar, Phodu Bandi ho tum. More stronger. I told you before also, I liked the way you have learnt from
your mistakes, like apna Dravid. Importantly XLRI and your friends made you strong. I may write one mail in case I forget to write something over here.

My name, no isues about using my name except a couple of them
1. I wasn’t a part of the phase that you are talking about,
2. I don’t know if deserve the statement - who would stay with you even if you plummet to 0 from  being a hero. Using’0’ instead of ‘Zero’ was eye-catching.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

One at a Time

One Step at a Time
----One Punch at a Time
--------One Round at a Time

One Turn at a Time
----One Lap at a Time
--------One Race at a Time

One Answer at a Time
----One Subject at a Time
--------One Semester at a Time

One Word at a Time
----One Para at a Time
--------One Chapter at a Time

One City at a Time
----One State at a Time
--------One Country at a Time

One Key at a Time
----One Chord at a Time
--------One Song at a Time

One Ball at a Time
----One Innings at a Time
--------One Match at a Time

One Seed at a Time
----One Forest at a Time
--------One Planet at a Time

One Day at a Time
----One Month at a Time
--------One Year at a Time

One Brick at a Time
----One Room at a Time
--------One Flat at a Time

One Step at a Time
----One Punch at a Time
--------One Round at a Time

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

IIT Bombay - Land of my many First Times

My last post was sometime in May, 3 months ago. A month back I was recollecting my moments in IIT apart from studies. I realized there were so many things that I did for the first time in life during my stay in IIT Bombay. We guys used to have a saying, if you want to send anything to Heaven, then the pin code is 400076 (pin code for IIT Powai). Indeed that is what it was for me, learning to stay in a hostel, skating, juggling, and so much fun.

No matter what your interest or passion is, you will find a club related to same in IIT. These were mostly run by students themselves and open to all. You didn't have to be a pro to join any club, if you are passionate you are welcomed or you can join and then fall in love with that particular art. I stayed in IIT for three years and most of the weekends I used to go back home and miss out on many of the student body activities. I used to come home mid-week too. In the second year, once we got our individual rooms, things changed and I started staying more in IIT. Yeah, this was my first hostel experience in Life. Being in Mumbai, helped to adjust to the conditions gradually. That's enough for now for the overview of IIT Hostel.

It was somewhere in the last phase of my first year that I came to know about the IIT-B skating club. The club comprised mainly of under-grad students. They help us procure my first inline-skates (roller blades) and organized a crash course sort of stuff for the new joiners. In the past, I had done roller skating and so it was somewhat easy to learn rollerblading. The best part was, here you learned the technique to go fast as well as you had seniors to help you learn tricks so that you can show off your stunts. I dwelled into both the world and found going faster was easier than doing tricky stunts. I continued that for a year more before giving it up for something else.

Guitar - I was always fascinated by Guitarist and had that in my dream bucket list. Luckily I had a batchmate, Ajinkya Joshi who was a very good guitarist and he helped to take my baby footsteps. He was patient and his notes were like a bible for me. I was more into tabs rather than chords. I learned quite a few Hindi songs but couldn't catch up on the chords part. Way too tough for me. After IIT, Ajinkya and I both joined Mahindra in Chennai and I got a chance to again try out my hand in Guitaring. But like the last time, Chords were beyond my reach.

The other skill that I tried to catch up was juggling. In one of the techfest, I saw Jason Divad a street performer. He juggled, balls, clubs, knives and even rode a uni-cycle. I am not sure what was the trigger point, but on Jan 2015 I decided to give a shot at juggling. Youtube was my only source with hundreds of videos. I followed Niels Duninker since he was a professional juggler and his videos were to the point. I ordered some good quality props like the Balls and Clubs for juggling from my brother in UK. I was able to do 4 balls, three clubs and so variations in that.

Running - This was one of the biggest game-changers. Just before joining IIT I was diagnosed with Astha and had to take inhaler daily. This was frustrating, I couldn't imagine my life taking inhaler daily just to be healthy. Plus, it was always a dream to run a marathon. But it was not like I trained and within a year I completed a marathon. It took years. The seed of that was laid in IIT. I started with 2.5 km runs and then slowly increasing it to 8-9 km. It was in my final year of IIT that I completed my first Mumbai Marathon (Half - 2015). It felt bad to be called half-marathoner and not a marathoner. I trained for a year more and then I ran my first full marathon in 2016 Jan.

These are some of the key first-timers that I had in IIT. I'll end my post and hope that you share your stories too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

That's the Use - - -

A couple of years back I wrote a poem titled - What's the use? Back then I was sure that this poem is incomplete and there should be a part 2 to it. This post is just about that. Like most of the TV series and movies these days - I expect that the second part won't be as impactful and lyrical as part 1. I'll still try my best to link to the previous post as much as possible.

Click here to read part 1 - What's the use?

Part 2

That's the Use - - -

You keep me connected to near and dear ones at home and at work. Brings new people in Life - Mobile - - That's your use

You help me to keep pace with the fast-paced world - Watch - - That's your use

You helped me surf the ups and downs of life Actively - Activa - - That's your use

You give the power to script my own life - Pen - - That's your use

You are supposed to be Chocolaty and not Melodious - Melody - - You are of No Use

You helped me get my current Job - Suit - - That's your use 

In this age - I seriously doubt if you have any use - Webcam - - You don't exist in my Laptop

A lot still happens over Coffee but in Starbucks and not CCD - CCD - - You are out of my life

I am a peace-loving Man - Boxing - - Your place is in the Olympics

You help me stay Fit - Running - - That's your use

I am still mesmerized by your Beauty - Full Moon - - That's your use

You help me kick start my Day with High Energy - Songs - - That's your use

That's the Use

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Exploring Airport Lounge

This again goes in my collection of 'FIRST TIME'. I'll create a separate bucket and add all my first times there. Well, there are actually two incidents that happened which I want to mention here. It's 7:53 pm now and my flight is at 8:50pm. I am at Chennai airport in one of the lounges that accept Ola Select. Since I have a very short time I'll write to the point and expect this post to be a short one.

The story goes like this - Wednesday 24th April I was traveling to Bangalore with two of my teammates. We get to Chennai airport and visit one of the lounges. Now depending on what kind of debit/credit card you are using, you get some number of free access per month into this lounges. Both of my colleague's cards got accepted but mine didn't. I have a Jet Privilege card and so it got rejected, you all know what is happening with Jet now. So, one solution was my friends go to the lounge and I go somewhere else and it was a fair deal. But then suddenly the receptionist said that they accept OLA select too. I was not aware of the details but decided to go for it. See, on Wednesday I was at Chennai airport, then on 25th I was supposed to be in Bangalore (flying back to Chennai) and today 27th I was supposed to be at the Chennai airport. The OLA select has various plans and I went for a monthly plan (750 Rs). I made the calculation described earlier, ie in the one month period (24th April - 24th May), I 'll be at airports 4 times. So I go for it and it turned out to be a really great deal. Turns out that OLA select users get some benefits in the cab pricing too, so far I am all good with OLA Select. Try it once if you haven't so far. Recommended for frequent flyers. Also, if you have availed this facility, then please share your story. Currently, I am enjoying F1 qualification on my  Lappi and also blogging.

The second story (I have less 10 mins to write). I came to the airport early to enjoy the Lounge and know more about it. But as soon as I started blogging, I got a call from SpiceJet GroundStaff asking me to report at the check-in counter. Basically, there was something in my bag vibrating and making noise too. I wondered if kindle ever vibrated. Then in a few mins, I realized it was my trimmer. My trimmer has a lock switch, if I turn it on, then the machine doesn't get on. I forgot to turn that switch on and my trimmer was on one side of the bag, accidentally the ON button got pressed and it started vibrating. I went there and took the necessary action. Once check-in is done we proceed for the security check. Now I had to do the reverse. So som SpiceJet guy came and escorted me to the counter. Before leaving out of the security check-in area, my boarding pass was canceled. So I had to scan my bag again after adjusting the trimmer and go through the security check again. It is all done now and almost time to leave.

I'll be in Bombay till 5th May, Sunday. Let m know if anyone wants to catch up. Also, do expect one more blog by Mid May. Thanks and Happy Flying Everyone !!!